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You'd have thought a month of drying time for a sculpture would have been enough.

You'd have been wrong.
well, crapspare parts
When I unloaded the kiln Friday, this is what I found. Despite over a month in the studio, despite a slow warmup and a hold at 180° F. for two extra hours, there was still moisture in Mumfrey the battle quail's left flank. Moisture that turned to steam in the kiln, blowing off chunks of skin and breaking his tail in two.

Oh, crap.

So as I see it, I have three choices:

1. Fire it as is and try and put the pieces together later. With lots of Bondo and paint to hide the fractures.

2. Try to rebuild from scratch, possibly fitting over the existing legs and base structure. Difficult, as clay shrinks as it dries, about 6.25% from wet to bisque. 

3. Ditch the piece entirely, possibly making something different for the Ceramic Showcase gallery.

Or, I suppose:

4. Not have a gallery piece at all.

Think I need to sleep on this. Right now I'm just too depressed.
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Starting a new sculpture this week, and as always, got a little eager. When you're working with hollow-built slab sculpture you can't start too early. If the slabs aren't firm enough, they'll slump, and no amount of paddling and pressure will put them back into the right shape again. Better to let everything firm up over night, start fresh in the morning.

Sigh. I'll throw this in the bucket tomorrow, start over.

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