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Dec. 15th, 2015 10:15 pm
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I'm starting to work on one of my winter projects, a series of tiles for a kitchen remodel, eighteen in all, in a couple of sizes. Hand-painted, of course. It's times like this I'm really glad I bought that surplus slab roller from the UO Craft Center back in 1998.

Tonight I'm starting on the first set, six 4x6" tiles for a backsplash. First, I roll the slab to the proper thickness--about a quarter inch--with my slab roller. I lay a sheet of latch hook rug mesh between the slab and canvas and roll it again. (This gives a texture to the back side that will help grip the tile adhesive on installation.)

I then flip the slab over and smooth the top surface with a rubber squeegee (thank you, Goodwill) and silicone rib. I cut out the tile with my punch cutter, transfer it to a piece of drywall, then eject it with the built-in spring-loaded piston.

Keep cutting tile until I run out of slab, then wedge up the scraps and roll again. Finished tiles are stacked between sheets of drywall scrap; slow, even drying will keep the tiles flat. I can fit two tiles on each piece of drywall. Edges are sealed with duct tape to keep crumbs of plaster out of my clay.

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