Feb. 8th, 2019 05:41 pm
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Since I spent all of Thursday trimming pots and pulling handles, I made it to Friday afternoon with two bags of clay left. Fortunately, turning up the heater and cutting down the lumps of recycled clay worked fairly well. Clay was wildly inconsistent, almost leather hard at top and edges, still gooey at the bottom (and in the nougat-y center), but that's what a pug mill is for.

Also fortunately, Denise has Friday off from both work and classes, so helped me run everything through the mill--I fill the hopper and pull down the handle, she catches the extrusions as they come out the other end. Everything runs through twice, randomized to mix the firmer early pugs and the still-squishy later ones, and on the second pass we also turn on the vacuum pump, to remove any air bubbles. Denise then bags the result, and I twist-tie the bags closed and stash for later use.

Or in this case, immediate use. I'll probably start making plates with the softest pugs tomorrow morning. We processed just about two dozen bags of recycled clay in three hours. At 15-18 lbs. per bag, that's almost 400 lbs. more clay than I had this morning.

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