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The best part of a project is, of course, it's successful completion! The tile backsplash is out of the kiln, the customers are very happy with it, took it away this morning, and paid me! They're off to look at paint samples to match, and I, who took advantage of the sunshine yesterday to shoot pics of all the finished tiles, thought I'd share a few with you. You can see the whole series on my Flickr account.

My favorite part of a job like this is scenes that span more than one tile. Sometimes it's just a little overlap, something to add a little interest to an otherwise blank space.

Sometimes it's a more elaborate filler...

Sometimes it's an entire scene:

And sometimes (my favorites, I must admit), the scene doesn't stop with just two tiles.

This project had twenty-two image tiles in all, plus four spacers with angled edges, to span the corners. Twenty-three individual birds all together, comprising fifteen different species.

Someday, we gotta do something like this for our house.

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