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I've been in the studio since Saturday, glazing and decorating, and occasionally remembering to take a few photos. Working on rebuilding my inventory from the holidays, as well as glazing a bunch of special orders. I'll go into one of them--a tile backsplash project--in more depth a little later. Meanwhile, in no particular order, pictures from the last few days' work.

Every day starts with waxing the bottoms of whatever's to glaze. To save space in our little backroom glazing area, things gotta stack. To keep from transferring wax to the wrong surfaces, everything stacks face to face, foot to foot. Making the most interesting towers of bisque ware.

Got a maddeningly nonspecific request: a small covered casserole with "evergreens on it." I'm giving her a choice: incense cedar with Stellar's jay, Douglas fir with wolf, or white pine with cardinal. I don't paint just trees. Also, the stellar was so much fun I painted it on a squared baker as well.

More special orders: puffin pilsners to go with a pitcher purchased before Christmas, and a stacking set of three bear bowls, for papa, mama and baby.

Date: 2019-01-24 08:27 am (UTC)
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Oh mon dieu, c'est magnifique!!!)

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