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I never get any good pictures at the Kareng Fund Charity Auction and Pottery Smash. I'm one of the auctioneers, you see, so I usually get a couple pictures of the preview session, and unsuccessful attempt to catch the opening smash, and then I'm too busy. So this year, I outsourced. Jon King's daughter Elizabeth was home for the holidays. I've literally known her since she was a babe in arms; these days, she's a responsible young woman, so I gave her my camera and said, "Here. Take some pictures."

She did not disappoint. Herewith, the 2018 Saturday Market smash.

We started with four tables full of donations, mostly pottery, but also some 2-D artwork, t-shirts, jewelry, canned albacore tuna, and a 10-pack of chocolate truffles that we used to, er, sweeten some of the sale lots.

Market staff, members and some invited guests started flocking the tables to scope out the goods before we'd even unboxed all of it. Move or help unpack, I said more than once.

With a resounding crash, the event begins. Alex, Jon and I take turns bringing work to bid, while volunteers at the tables work to tag sold lots and collect money. Every now and then, another piece will get broken, either by the auctioneers, or, in several cases, after being purchased by a member just to smash.

It's a busy morning, as we juggle picking out lots, presenting them, taking bids and having fun whilst at it.

At several points, She's buying it to smash! was enough to squeeze out one more bid from the crowd. Other times, a bidding war would spontaneously erupt, and a piece would go for two or three times its normal price.

We paused for a trivia quiz from Fiona's daughter (sorry, I don't remember names any better than trivia), then continued the sale.

Ultimately, with the help of generous donors and even more generous bidders, we raised over $4000 for the Market's crafters' emergency fund. And had a lot of fun in the process.

And the best part? I finally have a picture of a pot smashing. In slow motion.

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