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...are sometimes kids.

Part of it is the bears, I suppose, though the most enthusiastic ones ignore them in favor of the animals on the pottery.

Take this one little girl, maybe 10 years old, on Saturday afternoon.

She came in first with her dad and younger brother, and promptly began pointing out and naming the animals, choosing her favorites. (The penguins dessert plate took top billing.) They left, and a couple of minutes later, she came back with her older sister, and proceeded to show her around. During that visit, they spotted the cat food bowls, each painted with a different kitty, and decided they should really have one for their cat, who they proceeded to tell me about.

Two minutes later, they were back again, this time with little brother in tow, showing him the cat dish. After they leave, I turn to mouth to Denise, who arrived in the middle of the last visit, She's been here three times in the last half hour-- 

Just as she returned for a fourth visit with her mom.


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