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Luke and Miriam, of the wedding registry experiment, stopped by the other evening to pick up their wedding presents. They're in the process of moving, and he wanted to wait until they were done; she wanted to see everything right away.

I'd say they look happy with the results, wouldn't you?
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 Been way too busy to write this week, going straight from slack, working on the sculpture and staying up way too late reading to crunch time glazing.

I could have taken the pressure off a little, gone in last Friday instead of staying home doing office work. Would have made today much easier. Eighty-two pots, boys and girls: two big servers, 25 dinner plates, 42 dessert plates (yes, I know, the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything), a dozen cat food bowls, and a very last-minute order for a gravy tureen from the Wedding Registry this afternoon at 5 pm. 

The wedding is tomorrow. We won't be there--though they were sweet enough to invite us--mainly because Saturday is the one day a week my storefront is open, at Saturday Market.

The Registry has actually worked out really well. I went ahead and made everything on the list, kept it in bisque state until I had an order, then glazed in the requested pattern. As orders came in, I'd cross off that item on the list, so people could know what was left. In the end, everything was chosen except tumblers, dessert plates, and a couple of mugs. I'll load it all into the kiln on Sunday, and they'll be ready when the happy couple come back from their honeymoon. In the meantime, I made up some gift cards printed with the item(s) and the givers, so they'll know who to thank for what.

It was a good experiment. Definitely going to keep it up on the website for future use.

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